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20 Years Later I’m Slowly Turning Into Martha Stewart

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We talked a few days ago about how I’m off the social medias.  I’m so glad I deleted my account.  I’m not trying to say that facebook is a direct and sole source for mood problems, but for people like me who are already having a hard time controlling emotions/anxiety IRL this kind of thing DOES NOT HELP US.  Not cool, facebook.  Not cool.

Now that I have tons of free time due to facebook deletion, twitter deletion, school is out, I’ve quit every board I’m on, and no work I am BORED, BORED, BORED.  So I’ve taken up cooking and cleaning. Approximately 20 years ago Martha Stewart came on the scene and I was a “stay at home” mom for a brief period.  I was young, poor, and in an apartment.  Watching Martha iron perfectly, make the perfect million ingredient meals, and have the perfect house:  Martha gave me a complex.  I hated her.  I stopped watching her.  Eventually she showed that she was human like the rest of us and pent some time in jail.

Twenty years later I’m cleaning and cooking like Martha inhabits my body.

I’m older, poor again, and in a rental house.  But I’ve collected furniture I enjoy, nice enough linens, nice kitchen gadgets, and I have learned to cook.  Doing some minor gardening.  And I clean like a maniac.

I don’t think the house was ever this clean while I was a housewife (but I was super-depressed then, so that’s to be expected).  It’s 10:30 Pacific and I’ve already swept, taken out the compost, changed the sheets, cooked tortillas, drank two cups of coffee, taken out the recycling, made hummus, cleaned the kitchen, hand-washed half of the dirty dishes, mentally planned meals for the next 24 hours and I’m thinking about vacuuming.  Again.  And making home-made ketchup.  Or dusting.  Or moving the compost bins/turning them.

What is going on here?

I probably should be doing the schoolwork I didn’t do last quarter.  I took an incomplete in two courses.  Thank you Women’s & Gender Studies.  My mental crisis probably wouldn’t fly in what would be considered “traditional” studies.  I just don’t have the righteous anger after my little meltdown last week.  Hopefully it will come back soon.

I wonder what Martha would think of this.  I wonder if she’s a feminist.  You can be a feminist and cook/clean/be a domestic goddess at the same time, you know.

I’m gonna go vacuum.


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Author: siouxsie sioux

Apparently people get their panties in a bunch if you don't post an "about you". Here's what I'm willing to tell you about me right now: I don't appreciate nicknames being given to me by people who do not know me. I like cats. I don't eat meat. I think Radiohead is the greatest band in the universe and will arm wrestle anyone who says different. I now own a TV again and hate almost every minute it is on. My favorite color is green and my favorite number is 3. I don't expect everyone to agree with or like me. I think city council is the bomb. I have been through hell and I am fairly sure you have too. Always keep that in mind. And, possibly, the most important thing to know about me - If you want to criticize me there's not much you can say that I haven't already heard, in great detail, for years. It hardens you. It numbs you. It makes you hollow. Which is sad. Humans are my least favorite animal. If you want to know anything else: try Google.

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